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Free Shipping On Orders Over $129
Free Shipping On Orders Over $129

Spectrafit RGB Retro Fit C9 Controller

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Light up your roofline like you’ve never seen before with Spectrofit RGB lights! Use this controller in conjunction with the Spectrafit RGB C9 bulbs to create unique colors for your C9 bulbs.

Controller plugs in to the start of your C9 socket wire. Add in Spectra fit C9 bulbs and you can control the light colors with the included remote.

12v power supply and remote control included.

Controls up to 100 C9 spectrafit bulbs.

• On / Off
• Increase brightness/effect
• Decrease brightness/effect
• R = Red
• G = Green
• B = Blue
• W = White
• WW = Warm White
• Strobe: will strobe through random preset colors.
• Color Change: random color change through
preset colors
*Infrared controller must see the green light on
the stepdown transformer to function properly.
30-40 ft max
*Bulbs are not independently controllable


Shipping Information

Typically orders placed by 2pm EST are shipped the same day. Orders over $129 will ship for free, all others will ship for a flat rate of $5.99-9.99 depending on the shipping destination.

We ship all orders from our Michigan warehouse either USPS or UPS. More details, including a map that show estimated ship times can be viewed here.

Warranty Information

All holiday lights have a three year limited warranty. Lights are covered at 100% of replacement cost for the first year, 50% of replacement cost for year two and 33% replacement cost for year three. A year is defined as one 90 day lighting season. Lights installed longer than 90 days are void of warranty.

RGB Lighting: All RGB lighting comes with a one year warranty. If you have altered the product in any way, this does void the warranty.

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Matthew Cruz
Great item quality

Did not work with my tree