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Free Shipping On Orders Over $129
Free Shipping On Orders Over $129

xLights Sequences FAQ and Set Up

xLights Sequence purchase FAQ

1. How do It get my files after I purchase them?

After you check out there will be a link on the check out page to download your files instantly. Also, you will get an email after you purchase with a link to download your files.

2. What type of files do I get?

The files are downloaded in zip format. You will have to un-zip them to be able to use them.

3. What's included with my sequence purchase?

You get a sequence that is mapped to our standard layout. You get the layout, the models and groups and the xlm file for the sequence. Music is not included.

4. Why don't I get the music file too?

Music has copy right rules. Unfortunately we aren't a re-seller of music and therefore can't give you the music file.

5. Where do I get the music files?

Typically Amazon music. We do try and include a link to the actual music file on the product description.

xLights sequence installation

1. Download the zip file and unzip it in the desired location

2. Open xLights and change your show directory to the "xlights common" folder that was in your zip file. 

3. In the layout tab you will see that the demo house and models are all populated. 

4. Select "open sequence" and select the xml sequence file. The sequence will open.

5. Save the sequence to render it, which creates a fseq file. The sequence will now play.

Setting up the sequence for my display