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Orange C7 LED Strands

C7 LED 25L 8 Inch Spacing Strand Orange

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C7 LED strands are similar to the traditional Christmas lights of years past. These lights work great on Christmas trees, roof lines, walkways, pillars, wreaths, and outdoor bushes and trees. These strands have a sealed light system made by using injected molded sockets. The sealed system prevents bulbs popping out and water from entering the socket. These lights do NOT have replaceable bulbs.


  • Orange C7 LED Strands for Halloween displays
  • 25 lights on each strand with 8 inch spacing between the lights
  • Long lasting strands with a bulb life of 50,000 hours
  • Durable design featuring crush proof bulbs and sealed sockets to protect from the elements
  • These lights will work well with AL and LOR type animated systems
Best Use Indoor and outdoor, roof lines, walkways, trees, wreaths, garland, animated displays,
Power 110V house hold plug
Wire Color Green
Watts ~ 2.5 watts per strand
Spacing Eight inch spacing with four inch leads
Length ~17 feet
Dimmable? Yes. Works with AL and LOR systems
Flicker Free? Yes
Number of Strands end to end 60
Warranty 3 year tiered warranty