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Orange 5mm LED Net Lights

Orange LED Net Lights

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If you are tired of poor quality net lights, then look not further! We build some of the best LED net lights on the market. Our lights have a unique socket that reduces tangles and prevents wires from getting pulled out. These are full wave rectified for flicker free operation and extra bright output.

- Net lights are 4 foot by 4 foot

- Contains 70 lights per net

- Standard U.S. 110v plug

- Hook up to 42 sets end to end

Customer Reviews

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Not good if you're planning to use these in freezing weather

I've found that there are two types of net lights. Good ones where the netting is strongly connected and cheaper ones where the mesh is connected by tiny clips on the light sockets. The lights work fine but if you try to pull them off a bush after snow or freezing weather the mesh slips out of the clips and comes apart.