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Building a RGB Tunnel

Building a RGB Tunnel

RGB tunnels can seem a little daunting to build, however, with Minleon's RGB plus lights, it's not as bad as you think. Their lighting systems are pretty much plug and play for things like light tunnels and light curtains. The video below shows how we put together a 200 foot long tunnel that you can drive a car through. However, the same techniques could be used on a tunnel of any size. 

You'll need:

A Minleon NEC controller: This is the brains of the light show. The NEC has a bunch of pre-built in effects that tell the lights what they need to be doing. 

A Minleon NDB box (or two or three): These boxes let you connect 16 strings of lights to your system. You'll need a power supply for each box, and you can connect multiple boxes together via a network switch and Ethernet cables. In the video below, we used a 4-port network switch to connect three NDB boxes along with the NEC controller. This let us synchronize all 42 strands of lights.

Minleon RGB Trik Lights or Minleon RGB pebble lights: Either light type will work just fine, it's really up to your personal preference. 

Minleon Extension Cables: You'll need these to run between your NDB box and your light strings. Remember to keep your runs as short as possible. For longer runs you'll need signal boosters. 



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