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Create a magical display with Pure White 5mm lights and Cascading snowfall tubes.

Create a magical display with Pure White 5mm lights and Cascading snowfall tubes.

 Here's what you will need:

5mm Christmas lights and snowfall tubes

Step 1: Branch wrap the 5mm pure white lights on the tree. Don't worry about getting all the branches, focus on the major trunks and branches of the tree. For reference, the tree in the above picture has about 30 strands of 70 count lights installed. Note: It's important to install the 5mm strands before the cascading light tubes, it will just be easier! 

Step 2: Install the snowfall tube power cord on the first tube. Then use the 10 foot spacer wires to connect all your tubes end to end. (You only need one power cord for all your tubes). I recommend alternating between the 12 inch and 24 inch tubes. For reference, the tree in the above photo has 22 tubes installed.

Step 3: String the snowfall tubes in the tree. It helps having a ladder or pole to reach hard to reach places. You can use branches to hang the tubes on or you can use zip ties to attach them to the tree or the installed 5mm stands. 

Tips: Focus on having even spacing on all your lights. The 5mm strands should be wrapped evenly on the tree and the snowfall tubes should be evenly spaced. This will give a nice symmetrical display that is very appealing to the eye!

You can also add in some 36 inch snowfall tubes to add even more definition, although this is only a good idea for larger trees.

For reference. the tree in the picture is lit to a height of about 15 feet. There are about 30 strands of lights and 22 tubes on the tree. 

If you have any questions about setting this up, or questions on any of our products, please contact us! We are always happy to help!


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